Preventive conservation is the most efficient form of art conservation.
It preserves your artworks for the least cost and maximises your return on investment.

Preventive conservation evaluates physical, chemical, biological, environmental and human factors to recommend suitable methods of transport, storage, handling and exhibition.

“We offer
a vanguard solution for the proactive protection
of precious cultural assets”

1. Risk Scenarios

Knowledge base of deterioration agents, microclimates, materials and collection types, with associated risk scenarios and corresponding preventive measures for any artwork.

2. Risk Assessment

Decision-making methodology and toolset for conservators, curators, museum directors and collectors to analyse risk, prioritise preservation actions and allocate budgets.

3. Consulting

20 years of preventive conservation expertise working with art museums, archaeological sites and private collectors in Europe and Asia.

4. Procedures Manual

Practical guidelines for fighting against incorrect relative humidity, incorrect temperature, physical forces, pests, criminal activity, water, light and UV radiation, fire and pollutants.

We are conservators, engineers, designers, heritage managers, art historians and archaeologists, combining strong academic backgrounds with international hands-on experience.

Trusted by heritage professionals, insurance companies, art owners and other stakeholders in GLAMs.

Supported by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology.

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